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Ok. Discussion time.

Alright guys, i need to know what's up, and I need to know now.
A lotta talk is going on about not hanging out anymore, and quitting theXoutlaws. No naming names. That doesn't matter. It's obvious this bullshit drama isn't stopping anytime soon.

Everytime I'm hanging out with the group and something happens I get pretty effin scared. I'll admit it first-hand, and I get really uncomfortable, and I instinctively just want to leave & go home & not let any of it bother me. But I don't.

I'm staying an outXlaw. Even if we all stop hanging out, even if everyone quits. So don't get the wrong idea from what I put in my journal about not being sure if we're hanging out anymore, I just don't know what's going through all of your heads.

outXlaw for life.

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