A doctor who appears in quite poor health (semisortasuper) wrote in thexoutlaws,
A doctor who appears in quite poor health


it's such an honor to create & have the first entry on this beautiful community. I finally got it up & running.
Ok, so I've made it, taken care of the user-info, anyone let me know if you need me to add something.
I'm gonna leave the President and/or Deputy in charge of making the community look nice, because they're the two that have an idea of how to do it.
I need some input on what to do as far as letting members in, should I just let anyone join, and just make it difficult to join the committee? or should we have a requirement to join(my reccomendation would be sending us their best cowboy picture(s), which is currently in the user info but that can be changed whenever.)
So comment for any changes you'd like, or any discussions, or simply just to say cowboyXcore.

~Sheriff Strate
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